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Zentech founders are seasoned marketers who have started out as an affiliates in the industry in 2010. During the growth, having gained valuable knowledge and priceless experience, we have understood and learned to value: performance, simplicity and transparency - these words describe us the best.

Having the right team and the right plan, a fintech company called Zentech was established in 2014. ZenTech is excited to be involved in the fintech revolution in order to better serve customers worldwide.
Today having been successfully operating in an emerging industry of the new technology and innovation for 5 years already in trading traffic to improve activities in traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.

ZenTech is operating around the globe offering a large coverage of the market share with its real-time lead-brokerage brands in the consumer finance industry and its well known affiliate network orientated in financial products.

In order to deliver an impeccable service, we have put ourselves to our customer’s shoes in order to build the affiliate network, to match our partners’ needs precisely - so we did. In 2017 our in-house developed network AdGoals was launched.

Having started out as affiliates ourselves, we had a vision of an ideal affiliate network, and we wanted AdGoals to be different, better and magical environment for our affiliates, focusing only on the important. Shortly, AdGoals gained popularity on the markets where ZenTech has been already operating successfully. With its easiest functionalities yet covering all our customers needs. Being focused on the financial offers, AdGoals covers the majority of the offers with the best conditions available from banks and lenders on the market in all our operating countries.

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What we do

We take care of the leads, offering full service of digital marketing. If you are representing a credit company and looking for quality traffic in an appealing volume, here's a quick overview what our multi-channel digital marketing hub ZenTech can do for you.
Either you are looking to start small or you are thinking big data, we cover practically all valuable traffic sources available: API, banner, SMS, E-mailing, SEM, SM, full re-marketing, call centre, monetizing clients database, affiliate network, white label design service sites, private label service, full affiliation program for the financial institution, affiliates training program and the list goes on.

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How we do it

Forwarding recent full applications to our partners in real time via API is just one of the services we offer to our many partners, which is helping a great deal to lower the costs of acquisition for the financial institution.
Automated forwarding process simplified: We are collecting data, proceeding with the initial scoring, filtering and performing the first step verifications to make the processing of the financial application simplified for our partner. The whole process has been carried out in compliance with all the laws and regulations in a viable and fraud-free environment.
Filtering traffic according to the ideal customer profile of our partner is another way of making sure our partner is able to focus on these customers that fit their profile, keeping costs decreased. Collaboration with a lender can be a two way street with us and many of our partners is already taking advantage of our full service list by monetizing its declined traffic with us, the 80-90% of traffic that does not fit the lenders ideal client profile can be turned into profit. Our highly experienced marketers with a proven track record of successful campaigns that sport low acquisition cost and increase in sales are working their magic with the lenders non converting traffic.
As we have an increasing database of users interested in financial products, one of our most popular services is the SMS campaigns shootings from our ZenTech database, we have usually a month full of activities pre-booked but we encourage to get in contact with operations and marketing even if you need additional traffic coming in an hour.

Interested! We knew you would be! Get in contact with Kayli and Christian and start benefiting of the quality traffic from a single multi-source ZenTech.

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Over the years, we have been developing high-end financial solutions to improve our customer experience in driving high volume traffic to our partners worldwide. With our precise marketing strategies and empowered team, we have managed to build trust among our partners around the world!

Our customer oriented approach in our development of the technology is what is letting the end customers enjoy their banking experience with the credit companies who have partnered up with us.

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Work with us

In Zentech talent and skills creates opportunities
Join our team: We challenge you to show us what you got!

Among numerous benefits for ZenTech employees, our team enjoys:

Monthly social activities and events
Flexible working hours and extra vacation days
Modern tools and working environment
Friendly and supportive team
Possibility to participate in the worldwide conferences
Possibility to travel and work from any of our offices around the world

ZenTech welcomes investor interest towards the company. To learn more about the company and the attractive investment opportunities it may offer, please reach the founders directly at investors@zentech.global





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